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Soundscapes  hits Top 10 Radio Airplay Chart at Zone Music Reporter for January, 2018


Soundscapes nominated for “Best Contemporary Instrumental Album”

by OWM  (One World Music)  February 15, 2018



2018 TOUR DATES   for   Deborah’s “Keyboard & Komedy” with Trio

Courtesy of National Performing Artists Agency, Fountain Hills, Arizona

March 2nd  –  7 p.m.   Palm Ridge Rec Center   Sun City West  (623) 544-6583

March 3rd  –  4:00 p.m. & 7:00 p.m. Renaissance Performing Arts Theatre  Goodyear     (623) 535-9854

March 4th  –  7 p.m.  Robson Ranch    Eloy   (360) 931-3285 (Activity Director)

March 5th  – Green Valley  (on hold)

March 6th  –  7 p.m.   Fountain Hills Presbyterian Church   Fountain Hills  (480) 837-1763

Call church directly to purchase or put tickets on “Will Call” Basis.  Almost sold out !

March 8th  –  Mesa  (on hold)

March 11th  –  7 p.m.  Palm Creek RV & Golf Resort   Casa Grande    (520) 876-8979


Special Announcement: Premiere of Piano Fantasy composed by Deborah ! with La Forza Orchestra
Sunday, May 13 – 3 p.m.
Camelback Seventh-day Adventist Church
5902 E. Camelback Road
Phoenix, AZ 85018
Phone: 480-947-3781



Soundscapes CD Review


“Irrational Exuberance” starts off with the sound of a horse running by and it ends the same way. This is all part of the music that Deborah presents. The sounds of life, people, nature, atmospheres and every day sounds that lead to her music and honestly, mix in equally well.”

Read more by Keith at http://www.newagemusicreviews.net/2018/02/deborahoffenhausersoundscapes.html


By Dyan Garris

“…That she can play the piano and play it very well, is obvious. This album, however, is an intriguing piece of artistry that’s a little out of the box, and showcases her growth, range, and immense talent as an artist and composer.
“Soundscapes” was recorded with renowned, Los Angeles based sound engineer, artist, and producer, James Linahon, whose work has included several well-known and major award-winning projects.”

Read more by Dyan at  http://www.newagecd.com/deborah-offenhauser-soundscapes-album-review/



“…listen to her magic touch on pieces like the opener, “Decidedly Joyful“… you will realize that I don’t use the words “diverse” and “enchanting” without cause… Deborah’s music is far from “just another New Age album“… this tune feels (very much) like the same kind of dynamics I heard when I first listened to…”    Read the rest of the review at:

Deborah Offenhauser diverse wonderful enchanting piano Deborah Offenhauser – Soundscapes

Soundscapes review by Kathy Parson

“[Soundscapes’]  pieces have an optimistic spirit and the majority of them are quite melodic. A few tracks are more abstract and atmospheric, but all thirteen have a colorful story to tell.”

Read more at:  http://mainlypiano.com/reviews/deborah-offenhauser-soundscapes


Soundscapes review by Vivek Kumar  (India)      “Throughout the album, she has presented a rich confluence of various instruments coupled with various moods of the piano.”

Read more of this review at:    https://www.2indya.com/2018/01/24/cd-reviews-they-were-here-and-soundscapes/        (Soundscapes is the second CD reviewed; please scroll down its page)


Candice Michelle of Aural Awakenings gives an extensive review of  Soundscapes.    “A musical chameleon of sorts, Deborah Offenhauser’s style is eclectic and hard to pigeonhole, which speaks to her versatility as both composer and performer. In conclusion, Soundscapes will likely most appeal to fans of neoclassical and contemporary instrumental music that possesses a uniquely experimental edge! ”

Read more at   http://www.auralawakenings.com/2018/01/spotlight-soundscapes-by-deborah.html?spref=tw


“From start to end it is a fabulous musical adventure. The Piano is such a versatile instrument, it can be happy or sad, it can be consoling or accusing, there are no limits to its ability in the hands of a great player. Deborah Offenhauser is that great player.”

Read more of this review by Simon Barrett at http://www.bloggernews.net/14023



“Deb, “Soundscapes” came out superbly – extremely creative, a total “new age” place for your skills. Really some wonderful melodies and spaces on this new endeavor by you… impressive! It’s an outstanding 1st class creative project that shows real artistry and serious depth as a composer.”

James Linahon (engineer for many Grammy nominees), Los Angeles, California 

“[As your sound designer], your music was a delight to arrange. It is inspiring and calming for the mind at the same time.”

Markus Burger, Germany

“Slow cooking makes delicious music meals. You now have given birth to a new treasure for the world to enjoy. Your music and talent is great.”

Suzan Bader of DSM (Decidedly Superior Music) Publishing Company

“Your album “Butterflies” is a wonderful musical accomplishment.

The piano play in tracks like “They Can’t Take That Away From Me” conveys a tangible sensitivity that is rare in today’s music.

Your arrangements are fresh and unique and your play is just as delicate.

‘Lara’s Theme’ and ‘Unfoldment’ portray a more intense level of drama and add to the diversity of the entire album while showcasing your immense talent on the piano.

What a great product!

Diana Burnell      Director of A&R    Watchfire Music


“Deborah’s work is amazing. Her music is up-beat and she is always able to energize her audience with her amazing stage presence.”

  • Rami M. Kalla, Film & TV Producer

“Millions of my listeners enjoy your music.”

  • Di Promotion/Poland

“Lots of originality in every cut.”

  • WKIN AM/Gray, Tennessee

“She’s a superb piano player – refreshing”

  • Rodvre Kanalen/Denmark

“Great Performance”

– WBYW FM/Grand Rapids, MI

“Superb! I love it”

  • Radio Equinoxe/Belgium

“Refreshing new style! All good.”

– Radio 49/Denmark



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