61st FYC

Best NEW AGE Album

Imagine the treat of a baker’s dozen of “cinema for the ears”.

That’s Deborah’s “Soundscapes” !

Listen to Deborah’s award winning “Soundscapes” album here!

Enjoy a “Soundscapes” video by clicking here.


“Soundscapes” wins Silver 2018 Global Music Award







Michael Hoppe´                            former head of A&R Polygram Records

“Now, I must say, I think YOUR album is most original and unusual.  Slightly quirky, often cinematic, and yet lyrical.  Bravo, Deborah!  I think this is excellent.  If I was still doing my old job as head of A&R at PolyGram, I would have been seriously interested in your talent….really good, Deborah.”


Jim Linahon, Grammy and Emmy Producer, LMP Studios: 

“…a very, very talented composer/pianist Deb Offenhauser…has a Grammy contender.   This is contemporary fusion beautiful music with a big heart and a first class talent!”


“This is for Hollywood!  You did everything perfect. Your production ideas are stellar. I’m so glad to have you aboard.”

Suzan Bader  DSM Productions    Warner-Tammerlane Publishing Corp.


“Soundscapes” is a gorgeous album.  Beautiful compositions, tasteful arrangements, excellent musicianship all makes for a pretty undeniable combination.

Ben Gundersheimer / Mister G      Grammy Winner


“Beautifully performed and put together –   incredibly cinematic and visual.  You have created something truly wonderful here and deserving of much success!”

Aeone       Aeone’s music has been on TNT, Discovery and NBC and in the movies “Jurassic World”, “The Hobbit”,  “The Last Samurai”, “Tomb Raider” and more.



Dick Metcalf of Contemporary Fusion Reviews:

“…just listen to the deeply moving closer, ‘The Wonderful Unfoldment of Blue’, one of the shorter pieces on the album; but, also one of the most powerfully evolving creations I’ve heard this year… just superb!”   Want more?

Read the Contemporary Fusion Review by clicking here.

NewAgeCD.com reviewer Dyan Garris:  “compelling”   “original”   “enticing cornucopia”  Read more here!

Kathy Parsons of MainlyPiano.com  writes:  “[Deborah’s ] pieces have an optimistic spirit and the majority of them are quite melodic. A few tracks are more abstract and atmospheric, but all thirteen have a colorful story to tell.”

Read more of Kathy’s review here


“Soundscapes will likely most appeal to fans of neoclassical and contemporary instrumental music that possesses a uniquely experimental edge!” ~Candice Michelle    AuralAwakenings.com

See the full review by Candice here.


Ever watched “Desperate Housewives”?  “Madam Secretary”?  “The Big Bang Theory”?

Maybe you heard Deborah’s music !








Up in the air?    “Soundscapes” is now being heard on the following airlines:

Condor Air / Thomas Cook

Kenya Air

Egypt Air

Vietnam Airlines

Air Tanzania

Air Mauritius


Arizona Department of Health Services videos

use Deborah’s delightful music!






“Soundscapes” nomination led to a

Berlin Philharmonic Hall concert October 3, 2018

Courtesy of Enlightened Piano Radio competition






One World Music Radio  Artist In Profile  radio interview and show on “Soundscapes” !


One World Music Radio    “The Album Show”   featuring   “Soundscaapes”


Terry Hawkes   Harborough FM    Interview and Show


Simon Barrett   Interview and Show



Diana Burnell      Director of A&R    Watchfire Music

Your album “Butterflies” is a wonderful musical accomplishment.

The piano play in tracks like “They Can’t Take That Away From Me” conveys a tangible sensitivity that is rare in today’s music.

Your arrangements are fresh and unique and your play is just as delicate.

“Lara’s Theme” and “Unfoldment” portray a more intense level of drama and add to the diversity of the entire album while showcasing your immense talent on the piano.

What a great product!


“Deborah’s work is amazing. Her music is up-beat and she is always able to energize her audience with her amazing stage presence.”

  • Rami M. Kalla, Film & TV Producer

“Millions of my listeners enjoy your music.”

  • Di Promotion/Poland

“Lots of originality in every cut.”

  • WKIN AM/Gray, Tennessee

“She’s a superb piano player – refreshing”

  • Rodvre Kanalen/Denmark

“Great Performance”

– WBYW FM/Grand Rapids, MI

“Superb! I love it”

  • Radio Equinoxe/Belgium

“Refreshing new style! All good.”

– Radio 49/Denmark


Jan 5th  –  Sun City West

6th  –  Goodyear ( 2 shows, 4:00 PM & 7:00 PM)

7th  –  Eloy

8th  –  Green Valley

9th  –  Fountain Hills

11th  –  Mesa  (Hold)

12th  –  Tucson  (Hold)

13th  –  Chandler

14th  –  Casa Grande  (Hold)

Friday, March 2nd  –  Sun City West

Saturday, March 3rd  –  Goodyear  ( 2 shows, 4:00 PM & 7:00 PM)

Sunday, March 4th  –  Eloy

Monday, March 5th  – Green Valley

Tuesday, March 6th  –  Fountain Hills

Thursday, March 8th  –  Mesa

Sunday, March 11th  –  Casa Grande