On Joyful Wing

Deborah’s latest CD is here!  Joyous and comforting hymn tunes, with solo piano renderings and also lightly orchestrated.


Eclectic music is at its best with Deborah’s creation of “Soundscapes”. These Contemporary Instrumental pieces range from Jazz to Neo-Classical and from New Age to World music. You’ll want the entire album to savor and listen to over and over again.

Christmas Joy

In Deborah’s “Christmas Joy!”, you’ll feel an immediate connection across the centuries to what early celebrants of Noel were expressing through their songs. And, with a tip-of-the-hat to that iconic figure of Santa Claus, comes a short medley anticipating children’s annual look-out for that jolly man in red. You’ll be sure to treasure these timeless melodies with their beauty and sacredness, while the lighter tunes lift your spirits with Christmas joy!


This award-winning album is dedicated to lifting thought above the clouds that came with the year 2020. We can discern that Life is not merely a matter-based existence, but that Life exists above and beyond what the senses claim. The inspiration of these tracks range from kittens and butterflies, to feeling the healing presence of that Higher Power. By plugging into this guiding light, we can overcome it all, bolstered by the energy of Spirit, and our thoughts gentled by the simplicity of nature’s beauty.

Above & Beyond

Music that soars! That’s what “Above and Beyond” is all about! Familiar Christian Science hymns are given 21st Century inspiration, lighting up these timeless hymns and lifting our thoughts above and beyond all earthly weights. The first eight pieces are solo piano renditions, and the last eight pieces entwine cello, harp, flute, and more, delicately around the corners of these beautiful hymns. You’ll hum or even sing along with these uplifting renditions of happiness and peace. They were created with heartfelt love for God and all mankind. “Above and Beyond” embraces and envelops you in Love’s arms.

Child of God

The wonders of God’s care, the comfort of His Love and the exuberance of a life uplifted are given new voice by internationally recognized soprano Isola Jones, who brings forth glorious praise with Deborah Offenhauser’s inspirational songs. Gorgeous melodies woven beautifully by the orchestra will inspire you to sing along to words familiar or brand new. You will be embraced in every nuance of God’s love and healing for each “Child of God”. 

That Thing Called Love

When one of my compositions was placed in a hit television series, I was asked for “more piano ballads, please” by the music production company that licensed my music. Peeking into my “composition closet”, I found several delightful romantic pieces composed over the course of decades waiting to be recorded. Having also composed several inspirational vocal solos, I then decided to turn some of them into piano solos, and the result is my CD “That Thing Called Love”. 

You’ll enjoy this mixture of wistful love ballads and faith-inspired titles. And, just for fun, this CD has two Bonus Tracks with a couple of really fun piano pieces. One has its feet firmly planted on the ground, but the other is definitely heaven bound with a beat!

New Beginnings

From The Watchfire Music Collection, a New Year’s offering features a compilation CD of some of the best of our WFM piano instrumentalists. Here is music to get you started on the right foot both mentally and spiritually. Meditational, prayerful and soothing, yet inwardly energetic is the approach to this compilation CD.


Butterflies as a composition, opens this CD much as this delicate creature would unfold its wings for flight. The tone set here remains lighthearted throughout, with song styles ranging from “Skylark” to the more contemporary “Dancing Queen”. Deborah’s composition “Unfoldment” presents its 3 minute drama with an upward view of life, and her “In the Corner of My Heart” brings out the poignancy of love in its many forms.

The Sweetest Sounds

A freshness and singularity of style are evident in these piano renditions of so many songs loved by everyone. From the wistfulness of “Summer of ‘42”, to the waves lapping the beach of “Carmel”, to the night time atmosphere of “Moon River”, Deborah teases from the keyboard many emotions. The unique adaptation of these familiar songs will soothe and inspire you. So sit back and relax while she gently caresses the auditory palette, gracing the melody of your heart with harmony and peace, as she presents to you the sweetest sounds.