"Now, I must say, I think YOUR album is most original and unusual. Slightly quirky, often cinematic, and yet lyrical. Bravo, Deborah! I think this is excellent. If I was still doing my old job as head of A&R at PolyGram, I would have been seriously interested in your talent....really good, Deborah."
Michael Hoppe
former head of A&R Polygram Records
"Soundscapes" is a gorgeous album. Beautiful compositions, tasteful arrangements, excellent musicianship all makes for a pretty undeniable combination.
Ben Gundersheimer / Mister
Grammy Award Winner

Up in the air?

“Soundscapes” has been heard on the following airlines:

Condor Air / Thomas Cook

Travel Service

Kenya Air

Egypt Air

Vietnam Airlines

Air Tanzania

Air Mauritius

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Dick Metcalf of Contemporary Fusion Reviews:

“…just listen to the deeply moving closer, ‘The Wonderful Unfoldment of Blue’, one of the shorter pieces on the album; but, also one of the most powerfully evolving creations I’ve heard this year… just superb!”   Want more?

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Kathy Parsons of  writes:  “[Deborah’s ] pieces have an optimistic spirit and the majority of them are quite melodic. A few tracks are more abstract and atmospheric, but all thirteen have a colorful story to tell.”

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“Soundscapes will likely most appeal to fans of neoclassical and contemporary instrumental music that possesses a uniquely experimental edge!” ~Candice Michelle

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