Show Concerts Galore !

“Deborah’s music has been heard on the hit ABC TV show “Desperate Housewives”, CBS TV shows “Madam Secretary” and “The Big Bang Theory”, along with The Weather Channel.With Deborah’s exquisite taste for content, presentation, sense of humor and musical ability, she never fails to garner rave reviews from audiences and presenters alike. From a 200 seat audience to a 1000+, Deborah holds an audiences attention from start to finish. Besides being a consummate performer she is extremely pleasant and cooperative and always makes certain the job meets with own her high standards.

Deborah’s show is exciting, fun and informative all at the same time. Her stories are a delight and her choice of music is always recognizable and relative to the moment. Her personable side always shines through and audiences are automatically and immediately drawn to her. After presenting her, our clients, as well as audiences, have always asked for more.

  • She’s a superb piano player – refreshing” Rodvre Kanalen / Denmark 

Billed in her nightclub performances as “The Female Victor Borge”, Deborah Offenhauser is a classically trained pianist who has developed into a marvelous pops concert artist !

  • Great ivory tickling!” Stray FM / England 

In her keyboard and comedy show “Let’s Go to the Movies”, Deborah pays musical tribute to the great pops pianists from Liberace to Billy Joel, while performing the music of the movies, TV and Broadway, and the world’s best known love themes and light classics.

  • Great piano performance” KNDN AM / Farmington, New Mexico

Deborah’ delightful patter, interspersed throughout the show, pleasantly gives the audience humorous stories and jokes, nicely complementing her keyboard skills.

  • Great Performance” WBYW FM / Grand Rapids, MI 

After working with many major stars, Deborah Offenhauser has proven herself to be an outstanding feature artist.  With her sensational technique, and her delightful personality, Deb can enrapture the severest critic. Be ready for a truly enjoyable concert of the most familiar melodies in the American songbook, performed as a tribute to America’s piano greats, all laced with the comedy that has produced rave reviews at Deborah’s every performance.

  • “In addition to her remarkable musical abilities, her personality makes her a joy to work with both on and off stage. She’s definitely a crowd pleaser!” Gary Owens / The Diamonds

A recording artist whose CDs are played both in America and Europe, Deb is also a composer whose music has been heard on TV shows ranging from “Desperate Housewives” to the Weather Channel.