Deb as orchestrator !

Along with composing and recording music, Deb has orchestrated her own music, and also worked with her colleagues from all over the world. Here are some highlights of reviews touching on Deb’s orchestration skills.

“Deborah… is such a sensitive orchestrator… A sweet yet mournful oboe, cries on her shoulder while she plays and is duly comforted. A warm and soulful violin executes a perfect vibrato, not too fast and not too slow.

A cello in its prime delivers a delectable bass line… The whole crew floats gently on delicate thermals, sprayed in silver, just beautiful !!”

From a review of Pam Asberry’s “Surrender” by Kerry Barnes

“…the flowing musical narrative accompanied by orchestration is sublime, and a tip of the hat to Deborah Offenhauser for her work there. This is as powerful and thematic as you can get.”

From a review of Pam Asberry’s “Surrender” by Steve Sheppard/One World Music

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